Our italian craftsmanship is based on the inspiration and passion which are expressed in luxury creations signed "cristallonero". The brand was founded in 2000 thanks to the experience of Mauro Picchio in the fashion jewelry world. Later on, his sons Simone and Alessia eventually took over the company. The Factory is based in Rome and it is 600 mq large. Our Factory is harmoniously composed of production laboratories, fashion design offices and a large showroom to receive customers.

All creations are strictly handmade in Italy and show attention to the every single detail. The great master craftsman passed the knowledge to new young talents; he taught artistic and technical skills, and the thorough care when selecting specific materials. The fashion Accessory is not only a mere decoration but it becomes like a star in every woman's life; It exalts the femininity and the elegance. Thus becoming a kind of partnership, sharing special experiences and emotions. A mix of imagination and experience gives shape to exclusive creations; earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, brooches, rings, pentands, belts and clutches come to life because they breath the "artisan soul" and enhance the women style.

...It can be hidden anywhere; in a ray of light, in an artistic expression, in an explosion of sensations, in a beautifull fragrance that embraces the night: that's our "bijoulerie"